Design and photography work for the artist Jerry Lindqvist and his alt country band.

Art Direction: Martin Furze a.k.a No Sleep

Design and photography work on KOKORO, Per Bloch's latest musical release - 8 love songs in 8 languages. I also made the artwork for the KOKORO Remakes album (top right). Also, I've linked an article with Mr. Bloch here (forwards you to Blacklisted Copenhagen).

Art Direction and photography work for the author and artist Per Bloch. The top-part of cover image for the book was shot underwater in a public swimming hall. I later added the bottom-part in Photoshop to create the final cover photo I wanted. 

We also made a teaser video for the release of the novel same “Ti, Tyve, Tredive” (above). Grading by Anders Lönnfeldt

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